About the cast

About Travis (Jay Rowlands)

Travis (Jay Rowlands)

Lead actor, director, writer and producer of CLUTCH. Charging hard down the path like other successful independent film makers H.B. Toby Halicki, Joe Carnahan, Edward Burns and Robert Rodriguez; Rowlands has captured the interest of key people in the film industry as his breakout movie readies to hit the market.

About Bobby (Alan Luxmore)

Bobby (Alan Luxmore)

Actor Alan Luxmore and Jay Rowlands met and became great friends when they trained with acting coach Earl Kelley at the Directors Studio in Seattle, WA. CLUTCH is Luxmore’s debut feature acting role. Since then, Luxmore has worked as project manager on ABC’s hit reality TV show “Extreme Homemaker: Home Edition” and can currently be seen hosting A&E Network’s reality TV show “Fix This Yard.”

About Collin (Jeff Polage)

Collin (Jeff Polage)

Another product of Earl Kelley’s Director’s Studio, Polage and Rowlands paths crossed on continuous occasion during their acting training, around town at various auditions and other social networks. Though Polage is well known for his hilarious, absurd “rubber faced” imitations of Hollywood celebrities — male and female — he is an extremely talented actor capable of great dramatic range. Rowlands knew this and cast him as the speedy underground criminal Collin. To quote Gallery of the Absurd “(Polage) has more acting talent in his pinky than most of these dullards we see on the big screen these days.”

About Janelle (Amy Colton)

Janelle (Amy Colton)

Talent, beauty and natural screen presence have etched her a permanent place in car movie history as the female lead in CLUTCH. A versatile actress with the ability to combine her intelligence and an unforced sex appeal is what landed her the role.

About Tony (Fred Butler)

Tony (Fred Butler)

Known for his much sought after “Fred’s Custom Heads” -modified Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine components, this bona fide bad ass’ leap to on screen acting came after a hard stare down with director Jay Rowlands at a local West Seattle tavern known for gathering lots of American V-Twin motorcycle’s and rowdy good times. Butler’s undeniable screen presence stands strong in the storyline like concrete and rebar ten feet thick.

About Lori (Shayna Bell)

Lori (Shayna Bell)

Actress, model and business owner Shayna Bell was introduced to Rowlands after he had voiced having difficulty casting the role of Lori. Production (filming) had already begun and a racing buddy of Rowlands’ asked if he could bring Shayna out to the shoot location the next day to introduce the two to each other. After doing a read through of the script with Shayna it was clear to Jay Rowlands she was right for the part and fit the role brilliantly.