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Why am I holding this Valve Cover?

March 6, 2012       Comments Off on Why am I holding this Valve Cover?

Why not!?! Hey I want to thank all of you CLUTCH movie fans for being so supportive and so damn die hard enthusiastic about it! Really- I know a lot of you have been following the progress of this flick and that really kicks ass! USA, Finland, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, U.K., Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Russia, Venezuela, Aruba, Croatia, Latvia, Seychelles, Turkey, Tonga, Slovenia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Canada- all of you fans- thank you! If I didn’t name your country then let us hear from you. I will keep moving things forward on my end and I look forward to getting out and doing some traveling to promote CLUTCH (and checking out some car shows/ events!) when it’s released. Maybe I’ll meet you along the way. When I have news to share I will do it here and on Fb!
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