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CLUTCH Behind the Scenes Revealed (2):

January 5, 2018       Comments Off on CLUTCH Behind the Scenes Revealed (2):

The behind the scenes workhorse: 1970 Camaro L78 SS 396.  You did not see this car on screen but you heard it.  This very rare- (only 600 produced! ) factory Hi-Performance big block four speed car was used for sound effects in CLUTCH.  In the opening Title Credits the sound of a car door shutting was foley sound recorded from this car.  In the CLUTCH trailer, the sound of a Chevy small block engine accelerating through a sequence was recorded from this car specifically for the movie trailer.  A small block Chevy engine you ask? Is this not a big block car? Well, yes, it is a true “survivor” big block car. The 396 and and Muncie 4 speed were removed and temporarily replaced with a built 350c.i. small block and Turbo 350 automatic transmission and used for post-production sound recording. In scenes where Travis drives his Hugger Orange/ Black striped ’69 RS Z/28 Camaro- the sound of that On-Screen car was actually sound from the temporary 350 engine/trans in the ’70 SS 396 car.  The sound was specifically recorded to match the vehicle’s action in the on screen shots. The reason? Sometimes while filming a movie you are not able to get a good enough sound recording (this is common in ALL films) at that the time of actual shooting due a number of possible reasons. In the particular case with the on-screen orange ’69 Camaro it was partially due to time constraints while shooting and the main reason was because the Hugger Orange ’69 RS/Z28 actually had a tired, weak and lame sounding engine & exhaust.  There ya go- a little movie magic that was a lot of work just to make sure what you saw in the movie had the correct small block sound to match what was seen on-screen.  The “Behind the scenes workhorse” 1970 SS 396 Camaro has since had the 350ci smallblock and auto trans removed and is back to it’s happy self with the tunnel rammed 396 and Muncie M-22 4 speed in place. This car also still has it’s original 12 bolt posi-traction rear axle with 4.11 gears. It still adorns it’s original black delux interior, beat up Daytona Yellow paint with minor rust, small dents and all. Slated for a full resto-mod build down the road.