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Barn Finds! American Muscle!

May 9, 2011       Comments Off on Barn Finds! American Muscle!

Hey everyone it’s Jay. Today while working with the Bonsai Media Group they showed me how to post blogs on the website myself. Hopefully I won’t f #$* things up hahaha. I’ll be posting a few things the next couple of days for practice to make sure I learn how to do it correctly!
Here ya go- True barn find: A ’57 Chevy Gasser with a wicked 327ci small block/ 4 speed/ roll cage- found as it was built years ago…It’s sitting along side a ’70 Camaro L34 Super Sport 396, 4 speed car I scored a while back when we wrapped filming and I sold the 454SS Film truck.
No I will not tell you the name of the guy who owns the ’57!